What we focus on

Quantum probablity of an electron's location In principle we see everything as a process.

This goes for the needs a client has, and how we develop and deploy AI to make a client more intelligent, for example a company or town. But it also goes for how we view investments and our own internal organisation, including our own research.

Tesla Minds is an enabler. This means we develop and deploy technology to augment a client, who then can perform more efficiently and intelligently.

In order to meet the needs of a client, we have to analyze how the client can perform better and then devise an AI that will upgrade the client's processes. AI isn't a product for which one size fits all. We have to upgrade the AI that analyzes the needs and then engineer the AI components that will be deployed to the client.

Which means AI solutions have to be developed step by step for different classes of clients. Once we have a solution for one class of client, we can license it to partners around the world to meet the needs of many clients in many places of the world.

With other words this is a giant process of gaining insight and then applying it on a large scale globally. We see us as a leader but are prepared to share our technology to drive a fast transformation worldwide, ideally to foster a quick adoption of sustainable business practices.

But it all rests on us getting our research and AI engineering right. We have to start with those classes of clients that serve this approach best, i.e. to focus on those solutions first that allow us to develop the tech and have tangible benefits for the client. Hence we will start out with offering our AI to certain clients first and expand our product portfolio step by step. Initially our clients have to be aware that they fulfil a critical role in prototyping this technology.

On the other hand we also have to be aware of how our own ongoing AI research impacts the company's performance and how to create synergies.

With other words we will only succeed if we treat Tesla Minds as its own first client that is being upgraded to AI. In a way this leads to a recursive process that is replicated all over the world and driven by a continuously upgraded AI. Tesla Minds is at the heart of it.

We need strong and competent partners to make this vision a reality.