Why this could be the best investment you ever made

We plan to invest funds into the research and development of innovative technologies and products. Among these are ways to harness clean energy on a large scale, biodegradable materials with advanced properties and designs for next generation cell processors that will replace present processor technology. The solutions we invest in usually meet a large and growing worldwide demand and master the twin-challenge of being environmentally sound while providing more value to the customer.

Our strength is our unique know-how and capability to integrate very early stage research into a fast track approach to develop technologically superior products. We create synergies plus an unmatched leverage of the original inventor's idea.

Interested investors and sponsors are offered three different options to choose from, if they decide to fund our work. The options differ in respect of the phase (very early stage, prototyping and commercialization) and the return on investment to be expected.

In general our business model recognizes three distinct phases: first, a very early stage in which research required as a prerequisite into a new innovative technology is completed; second, prototype development and patenting; this work is typically financed by sponsors and our research fund; Tesla Mind's earnings will also be reinvested into financing the work of these phases; the third phase consists of the development of commercially competitive products and services based on the innovative technologies researched in the first phase, followed by the commercial exploitation, marketing and licensing of the products and services. The third phase is typically financed by venture capital.

Return on Investment

The return on investment from the successful commercialization of research into a new innovative technology can be excellent and can total many times the invested capital but takes considerable time to mature. The initial work required to prove that a new innovative technology is economically feasible often takes six months or more and the subsequent development of competitive products based on this innovation may need 18 months or more. Nevertheless royalties from marketing and licensing successful products and technology can create considerable earnings over a period of many years.

Capital invested into our research fund earns a return on investment that reflects the success of all projects and research undertaken by us. The dividends are a share of all royalties received by Tesla Minds offset by the costs of all initial research and prototyping work.

In contrast the venture capital invested into a particular enterprise that commercializes a specific technology and develops respective products, earns a return on investment based entirely on the success of this venture. Usually each of these businesses is run and financed independently. Our sponsors and research fund investors can opt to invest into a business based on a successfully prototyped technology before a venture capital deal is finalized, allowing for an individual investment strategy and portfolio.

Please note: If you consider an investment or sponsorship, please contact our founder.