Joint research benefits all participants

We are always interested to hear from potential partners and prepared to share our know-how and resources. However, we have a set of guide-lines that help us to decide which projects we would like to become involved with. Please consider our code of ethics.

If you are interested in a particular technology or could imagine a cooperation in a specific field, please contact us.

Aside from our main focus on AI, we would like to help build a global research network that drives fundamental science and applied research.

BulbWe have a few core ideas...

... how to make research more powerful. Please read on for details.

The extent of research and work usually necessary before a commercially viable solution for a new innovative product or technology emerges is enormous. It is more often than not the case that a good idea that has the potential to solve a real problem first requires considerable research effort. This includes applied research tasks that are essential to prove the concept as well as a profound assessment of related basic research and patents worldwide, and last but not least to bring it all together and to identify an adequate, feasible and competitive solution that matches the requirements of production and consumers.

The inventor's original idea, which provides the starting point, is normally not sufficient to raise institutional funds for the initially required work. What makes matters even more difficult is that discussing the know-how and intermediary research results in depth in order to convince potential investors is often prohibitive for reasons of confidentiality. In most cases an inventor's work and related research is required to reach an advanced stage that either yields a working prototype or patents before funds for the commercial exploitation of a concept could be raised. Most inventors are more than happy to give a fair share of the royalties expected in exchange for sufficient funds to develop a prototype. But more often than not such an arrangement requires a leap of faith from an investor that most are not willing to make. This makes funds from sponsors vital for the completion of the initial work, the development of prototypes and the filing of patents.

While we are small now, we would like to set up a fund that finances very early stage work in order to develop innovative ideas into technologically feasible concepts.

Private sponsors enable us to get things off the ground. If you would consider an investment please check out our thoughts on investments in technology.