Vision matters

Science is about establishing facts

Tesla Minds was founded because of the need to make the latest research and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence available as a service.

We see AI as a transformative tool that can reshape our society to an even bigger extent than digitalization. We see the upgrade to AI as the next generational leap. It applies to everything: from how we communicate to how we build tools and goods, from vehicles to companies, and even entire towns and countries.

This isn't a small undertaking. At the heart of what we do is a sound scientifc process that is subject to a strict ethics regime.

Our approach is process-oriented. We see everything we do, whether it is research, agriculture, manufacturing, or simply living as a process that is informed by many sources. AI can play a crucial role to bring everything together. Intelligence is the key. We offer to make companies and towns, to mention just a few potential clients, more intelligent.

We research the requirements a client has, build AI to augment what a client can do, and ultimately deploy the systems to upgrade a client.

Once we have successfully built the technology to upgrade one class of clients we are prepared to share our technology and license it to interested partners.

Our Founder has more to say on our short history and where we want to go.